What EEF Ambassador Pam Meadowcroft Has Learned

Since Pam Meadowcroft became an Eye & Ear Foundation Ambassador last year, she has grown into her role and is excited to share what she has learned.

The EEF Ambassadors Program provides opportunities for our most engaged supporters to further our mission. Meadowcroft is one of four current ambassadors, along with Gail Bleach, Mary Crawford, and Nancy Washington. She has her own page on the EEF website that addresses how she got involved.

Halfway into her term, Meadowcroft appreciates being an educated consumer of health services for her own vision and hearing, as well as better understanding the eye, ear, nose, and throat health needs within the greater community. She is fascinated with the advances in many technologies that support the clinical work of EEF physician-scientists.

“I like being able to give not only my time and funds but also sharing information about EEF and my experiences so others can be inspired too,” she said.

This coming year, Meadowcroft is looking forward to sharing news with the community and ARCS Foundation – Pittsburgh (Achievement Rewards for College Scientists – Pittsburgh Chapter), of which she is a longtime member. She will be participating in a series of in-person educational programs and lab visits and will get an early peek at the nearly completed Vision Institute.

Understanding how to optimize her talents and interests for the benefit of EEF’s researchers and clinicians became clear early on. Meeting with the staff of EEF, researchers, and clinicians heightened her appreciation for the regional and global impact they are having – something our broader community would likely enjoy learning about.

“Always, I’m impressed as they weave in these encounters yet more information about the progress of the various EEF research efforts and interesting information about their scientists that inspire me to give more,” she said. “I would encourage others to consider becoming an Ambassador as the opportunities for inspiration are tremendous.”

It is a team effort. “I like feeling that if I can bring more information to our community and help people feel connected to the work of EEF, we will all feel like we’re part of its amazing future,” Meadowcroft said. “And in so doing, its legacy will be stronger.”