Dr. Joseph Furman’s research concerns human vestibular function and balance disorders. Ongoing research projects include the effects of aging on the human balance system, migraine-related dizziness, and balance disorders in patients with anxiety. It also includes the development of new vestibular function tests including The Gaze Stability Test and Computerized Head Thrust Testing and the interaction between cognitive function and balance function. Dr. Furman’s research is performed in a collaborative environment with physical therapists, bioengineers, neuropsychologists, psychiatrists, and experts in brain imaging.

Balance disorders are a common problem with potentially debilitating effects. Because many different conditions can cause a balance disorder, in order to prescribe the best treatment, physicians must first determine the cause. An accurate diagnosis will help determine the best treatment. The Center for Balance Disorders has a comprehensive testing facility and a team of experts to help identify and overcome your balance problem.

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