Category: Balance Disorders

Taking Control of Balance and Dizziness

Susan L. Whitney, DPT, PhD, NCS, ATC, FAPTA

Have you ever stood up too fast, felt dizzy, and nearly lost your balance? Well, it turns out those issues are related and provides a glimpse of the debilitating conditions that millions of patients around the world live with every day. Researchers and clinicians in the Departments of Otolaryngology and Physical Therapy at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine are taking years of research to the next level as they work to enhance and improve diagnosis and treatment of balance and dizziness disorders. “We need to learn to treat everybody differently because every patient comes with their own set

Using Virtual Reality for Balance Disorders

Joseph M. Furman, MD

Balance disorders are a common problem with potentially debilitating effects. Because many different conditions can cause a balance disorder, in order to prescribe the best treatment, physicians must first determine the cause. An accurate diagnosis will allow the best treatment to be determined. The Center for Balance Disorders within the Department of Otolaryngology has a comprehensive testing facility and a team of experts to help identify and overcome your balance problem. Dr. Joseph Furman’s research studies human vestibular function and balance disorders. On-going research projects include: the effects of aging on the human balance system, migraine-related dizziness, balance disorders in