Have Mercy When it Comes to Vision and Hearing

Sight + Sound, Spring 2022

The next Mission of Mercy Pittsburgh event will offer free hearing screenings and otology services for the first time. In 2019 and 2021, Mission of Mercy hosted a two-day clinic providing free dental care to the underserved members of the community. The October 2021 event also offered free vision care by the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Pittsburgh. Now both vision and hearing will be covered.

“The faculty of the Department of Otolaryngology are entirely supportive of every opportunity to provide enhanced health care for the underserved people of our community,” said Dr. Jonas Johnson, Chair. “We are actively planning to provide screening for people with conditions involving their ears at the next Mission of Mercy. This will include removal of wax, diagnostics, and hearing tests. People in need of a hearing aid will be assisted.”

While the details are still being worked out, the dates are set for August 5-6, 2022, at the Pittsburgh Convention Center.

“We were pleased to team up with Mission of Mercy in 2021 to provide vision care,” said Lawton Snyder, CEO of the Eye & Ear Foundation, which is helping organize the vision and hearing clinics.

Last September, a team of over 50 ophthalmology faculty, staff, and volunteers provided free eye health screening to over 300 people in need. They also provided over 300 free pairs of eyeglasses thanks to the Essilor Foundation.

“We are very grateful that Mission of Mercy has agreed to work with the Department of Otolaryngology and Audiology to provide hearing care services this coming year,” Snyder said. “We know the need is great and Pittsburgh is very lucky to have a wonderful organization like Mission of Mercy recognizing this need and stepping up to address it.”