The Jonas T. Johnson MD Survivorship Sustainability Fund

The Eye & Ear Foundation has created a new fund to honor Dr. Jonas Johnson as he steps down as Chairman of the Department of Otolaryngology. He is not retiring, as he will continue to lead the Survivorship program with Marci Nilsen. PhD.

The Jonas T. Johnson MD Survivorship Sustainability Fund will help ensure the program’s research. Survivorship provides a more comprehensive standard of care with long-term follow up for head and neck cancer patients.

The idea for the fund started when several patients and supporters of Dr. Johnson approached the EEF team to ask about honoring Dr. Johnson with a donation. After discussion with some of the EEF Board members, the EEF team, and Dr. Johnson, the fund was established. Otolaryngology residency alumnus Dr. Mark Mendel Brown made a lead gift to get the campaign started. The goal is to raise $1,000,000. “So far we have raised nearly $100,000 towards this goal, and we have really just started,” said Lawton Snyder, EEF Chief Executive Officer.

“Dr. Johnson and Dr. Nilsen both believe Survivorship can be part of the healthcare system because it will reduce morbidity, mortality, and the costs for the healthcare system,” Snyder added. “All of the work they have done over the past six years has been to validate this theory by collecting data while they provide care in this unique clinical model.”

The fund is named after Dr. Johnson because of his dedication to the program and his patients over his career.

“We have good reason to believe that with this support, the team will accomplish their goal to have providers pick up the cost for these programs, and Dr. Johnson’s legacy will have a lasting impact,” Snyder said.