The Philosophical Approach to Giving

S+S Fall 2022

Sheldon Marstine did everything right with his business and continues to do everything right as a philanthropist. He was the owner and CEO of Zenith Support in Pittsburgh’s Strip District for several generations. Now he is making sure future generations maintain their vision.

In 2012, Marstine donated to the Eye & Ear Foundation to show his appreciation for the care Dr. Dhaliwal provided. His giving never stopped. He has supported Dr. Dhaliwal’s research, Dr. Jhanji’s research, the Funderburgh Cornea Regeneration Initiative, and general research for the department.

“Sheldon is one of the most interesting people I have ever met,” Snyder said. “He is very humble and proud of his business and the 15 employees who worked for him. He is also very knowledgeable on history, politics, and philosophy. Recently I had dinner with Sheldon and Dr. Sahel, and I wish I had recorded some of the conversations. I’ve had some of my most interesting conversations over meals with Sheldon. I always know I’m going to learn something new when I see him.” 

When asked why he gives to vision research, Marstine simply said, “It’s a blessing and a privilege to have the ability to give and giving is just my philosophy.”