Community Outreach Update

The Eye & Ear Foundation community outreach initiatives have been active as of late. Here is an update:

  • Mission of Mercy 2023 dates have been set for October 27-28 at the Convention Center. Both Departments will again be participating. Fundraising is needed.
  • The Departments have nearly spent the entire $100,000 grant from the Addison Gibson Foundation to help pay medical costs for financially needy patients. We will be reapplying for additional funding.
  • Brother’s Brother Foundation has agreed to donate a state-of-the-art vision screening van to the Department of Ophthalmology to be used for the Guerrilla Eye Service and other community mission work. We are also exploring the donation of a van for hearing care in the community.
  • The Community Outreach Committee is exploring ways to work with community health workers, such as helping them with education/training/materials about vision and ENT conditions.