EEF’s First Microsite

In the hopes of expanding our reach and improving our content, the Eye & Ear Foundation created its first microsite.

A microsite is a branded content site that lives outside the homepage. The many benefits include:

  • Promoting a research area/clinic and EEF
  • One page completely dedicated to that specific area
  • For patients/visitors, ease of discovering solutions and asking questions directly to the coordinator
  • The clinic/lab benefits from community awareness, funding, and volunteers
  • Research-specific donation page

The first microsite was launched in late September for the Retinal Dystrophy Clinic. This was chosen because a coordinator is available to provide content and answer emails. The clinic also needs patients for new drug treatment.

“We’re so thankful to the Foundation for creating a Retinal Dystrophy Clinic microsite,” clinic genetic counselor Michelle Alabek said. “It is raising awareness about our specialty clinic and making sure individuals know how to get in contact with us. The information it provides about our team, available treatments, and research collaborations gives a great snapshot of all that we have to offer patients through our clinic.”

EEF is currently working on the second microsite, which will be for the Vision Institute’s Access to Care.