Susan Oberg Lane

Going blind with retinitis pigmentosa in the care of Dr. José- Alain Sahel at Pittsburgh’s renowned Eye & Ear Institute is not as terrifying as it could be. That is because I know that when there is a treatment, I will be in exactly the right place.

I knew of Dr. Sahel’s work in Paris from The Foundation Fighting Blindness, and when Pitt announced his acceptance as the head of the ophthalmology department, I immediately called for an appointment. They laughed and explained that no matter how thrilled I was to have him here, it would take a few months for him to arrive and get set up. And so, I waited, and not only did he get set up, but he set the place alight with enthusiasm, innovation, creativity, research, and trials.

My eyes may be dimming, but my heart is brimming with gratitude to have this fabulous facility in Pittsburgh.