shENT: Supporting Female Surgeons

To promote camaraderie among the female members of the Department of Otolaryngology and to provide an open forum to discuss topics that specifically affect the female members, shENT was created in October 2021.

The group is led by Drs. Reema Padia, Melonie Nance, and Vusala Snyder. All female residents, fellows, and attendings are part of the group; currently there are 24.

The group is important because “female surgeons experience different external struggles as compared to their male counterparts,” said Dr. Padia. “This group is to acknowledge these differences, support one another, and ensure that there is adequate female representation with decision making on different levels of leadership.” Having fun and enjoying each other’s company is also a goal of the group.

So far events have included making charcuterie boards, a paint night, and a female attendings discussion with Chair Dr. Zevallos. The group is working on developing a more structured mentorship program with events throughout the year.

Vusala Snyder, one of the Chief Residents involved with the group, said, “It is a privilege to receive mentorship from inspiring, female role models who we can interact with in a more personalized manner. These gatherings and activities engage and empower women surgeons in all stages of their careers.”