Voice therapy is the standard-of-care for many of the nearly 140 million people in the United States who suffer from voice disorders. The University of Pittsburgh Voice Center offers specialized care and treatment for patients experiencing vocal cord dysfunction, hoarseness, laryngitis and other conditions. The team of physicians and speech pathologists at the Voice Center are engaged in research on all scientific levels to address common concerns that patients experience when dealing with voice dysfunction.

For example, Conversation Training Therapy (CTT), based on published patient reports on dissatisfaction with traditional therapy, was developed by the Investigators. It was honed with recommendations from expert clinical voice-specialized speech-language pathologists, and successfully piloted in a small case series of patients with voice problems. The objective in this application is to test CTT in the rehabilitation of patients with voice disorders. We hypothesize that, as demonstrated in our preliminary case studies, these methods will result in early treatment success, and reduce the time required to reach therapeutic goals, thereby reducing costs associated with voice treatment.

Other areas of research include:

  • Voice and Respiratory Training for Elderly Patients with Vocal Fold Atrophy
  • Efficacy of a new Voice Therapy for Patients with Voice Disorders
  • Impact of Duration of Absolute Voice Rest on Voice Outcome After Phonomicrosurgery

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