Sue Martin

Back in the day, my family always went to private practice ophthalmologists. Several years ago, my doctor of many decades suggested that I get a second opinion from a specific doctor at the Eye and Ear Institute. He told me that spectacular eye doctors were being attracted to Pittsburgh. Having already had three corneal transplants, I agreed with him and made an appointment with Dr. Vishal Jhanji. I couldn’t believe the updated equipment he used. Private practice doctors must buy their own equipment and thus are likely at least three generations behind the hospitals. (Paying for it themselves means that I’m paying for it with appointments every six months!)

Dr. Jhanji told me about a new transplant method. I figured that I was ready for a new cornea then and there! Instead, he referred me to another ophthalmologist who fits special contact lens. Along the way, I was fortunate to have a tour of the eye labs and learned how far their research had progressed.

Since then, I have asked for guidance for several of my friends with unique eye problems and I’ve received very fast responses for them. My guess is that Pittsburgh is becoming the new eye capitol of the world. My relationship with the “medically necessary contact lens” department has been most impressive. My eyesight is better than ever, and I have confidence that if I ever need another transplant, I will not have to wait for one from someone else. I may just be able to take advantage of the EEF stem cell research!