Retinal Dystrophies: Introduction, Therapies and Ongoing Research

A lot of progress has been made in the past few years on retinal degeneration, Dr. José-Alain Sahel said at the beginning of the Eye & Ear Foundation’s May 18th […]

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What Makes a Good Surgeon?

Becoming a good surgeon is not just about graduating from medical school or making it through residency. Carl Snyderman, MD, MBA, Otolaryngology Director of the UPMC Center for Cranial Base […]

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Optic Neuropathies

Can Kocasarac, MD, has a unique role. As part of the Neuro-Ophthalmology Service at the UPMC Eye Center – which he joined this last year — the Clinical Assistant Professor […]

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Breathing Easier

To begin his presentation for the April 7th Eye & Ear Foundation webinar entitled, “Breathing Easier: Sinonasal and Allergies,” Mikhaylo Szczupak, MD, shared an iconic image of Pittsburgh with one […]

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Improving Eye Care Delivery

Focusing on patient education, patient preferences, and system-based changes to broaden eye care delivery is Dr. Andrew Williams’ passion. The Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Pittsburgh talked […]

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