2023 Addison Gibson Grant

a calculator, pen, and sticky note that has GRANT on it

The Eye & Ear Foundation has received another $100,000 grant from the Addison Gibson Foundation to help cover medical costs for low-income patients in the Departments of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology. […]

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Tinnitus Treatment Options

Man holding his hands to his ears with his mouth open in frustration

Viewers of the Eye & Ear Foundation’s June 12th webinar, “Tinnitus Treatment Options: To Audiology and Beyond” were treated to an overview of tinnitus treatment options and lifestyle changes that […]

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What is the Pittsburgh Hearing Research Center?

Sight + Sound, Fall 2021 The Pittsburgh Hearing Research Center (PHRC) is a unique place that attracts talented and dedicated scientists, physicians, and staff. Founded in 2017, PHRC’s goal is […]

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